Academic Engagement



Academic Engagement

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance provides a certificate in nonprofit management that accompanies a 4-year bachelor's degree.  This program is open to students from all disciplines.

Experiential Transcript
The experiential transcript reflects a student's total learning experience at GC by documenting the wide range of educational opportunities outside the classroom.

Service Learning
Courses utilizing Service Learning components give students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge from the classroom to real world settings as they provide a beneficial service to the community.

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The Corinthian: The Journal of Student Research at Georgia College |The Corinthian This scholarly journal recognizes student achievement in research by providing publishing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate GC students from all disciplines. 

Georgia College Leadership 

Emerging Leaders Program
The Emerging Leaders Program offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to learn about leadership opportunities at Georgia College, clarify their values, pursue their interests, develop their leadership skills, and build relationships with others who are interested in making a difference at the university or in the community.

Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) |
In the LCP, Georgia College students learn about the principles and practices of effective leadership by participating in workshops, discussion forums, retreats, service projects, conferences, presentations, and special for-credit leadership courses offered by the LCP.

Georgia Education Mentorship (GEM) 
In the Georgia Education Mentorship (GEM) Program, Georgia College students are mentored by executives in fields such as business, education, non-profit, healthcare, law, and industry.