Inclusive Excellence at GC

In collaboration with the Office of Inclusive Excellence, The President's Commission on Diversity (PCOD) provides several services to the institution.  These include:

  • Initiating efforts to foster diversity and inclusion at Georgia College,
  • Examining university policies and practices to remove barriers to equity,
  • Performing needs assessments in the areas of diversity and inclusion, and
  • Making recommendations to support equity goals.

Non-Academic Leadership Team:  The Diversity Leadership Team will work to insure the implementation of the plan.  The primary goals of the non-academic Diversity Leadership team are to promote inclusive excellence through the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body and workforce and the creation of a campus climate that promotes inclusive excellence.

Academic Leadership Team:  The Diversity Leadership Team will work to insure the implementation of the plan.  The primary goals of the Academic Diversity Leadership team are to promote inclusive excellence through the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body, a diverse curriculum and workforce and creating a campus climate that promotes inclusive excellence.

Student Affairs Diversity Leadership Team:

  • Maurice Smith
  • Lori Burns
  • Wilbert Bryant
  • Drew Burton
  • Dixie Turner
  • Bruce Harshbarger

College of Business Diversity Leadership Team:

  • Matt Roessing
  • Gita Phelps
  • Brooke Conaway
  • James Payne

Library Diversity Leadership Team:

  • Shaundra Walker
  • Jennifer Price
  • Ben Davis
  • Jennifer Harris

College of Arts & Sciences Diversity Leadership Team: 

  • Sandra Trujillo
  • Melanie Devore
  • Chavonda Mills
  • Claudia Yaghoobi
  • Sandra Godwin
  • Samiparna Samanta
  • Jim Schiffman
  • Simplice Tchamna-Kouna
  • Aurora Castillo-Scott
  • David Johnson
  • Ashley Taylor
  • Dana Wood
  • Karen Berman
  • Sunita Manian
  • Funke Fontenot
  • Ken Procter

College of Health Sciences Diversity Leadership Team: 

  • Debbie Grier
  • Patrick Varallo
  • Michelle Marks
  • Kirsten Rodgers
  • Amy Whatley
  • Sandra Gangstead

University Advancement Diversity Leadership Team:

  • Monica Delisa
  • Emily Lim Boewadt
  • Marcia Cainion

Office of the Provost Diversity Leadership Team

  • Kelli Brown
  • Chris Ferland
  • Robert “Bob” Orr
  • Eric Spears
  • Suzanne Pittman

Campus Administration and Operations Diversity Leadership Team: 

  • Anthony Miller
  • Ryan Greene
  • Michael Rickenbaker
  • Mark Duclos
  • Kimberly Moore
  • Dan Hann
  • Josefina Endere
  • Susan Allen

College of Education Diversity Leadership Team: 

  • Rebecca McMullen
  • Rob Sumowski
  • Chrispen Matsika
  • Yeprem Mehranian
  • Rui Kang
  • Olha Tsarykovska
  • Emmanuel Little
  • Joseph Peters

Student Advisory Diversity Leadership Team:

  • Terrell Davis
  • Tiras Barrett
  • Juawn Jackson
  • Seabon Davis
  • Brian Bowman
  • Tevauri Marshall
  • Jenay Willis
  • Alexandra Campos
  • Terez Chapman

The Office of Inclusive Excellence invites proposals from faculty, staff and students for the Diversity Mini-Grant program for 2017-2018. The purpose of these grants is to encourage networking and collaborative diversity programming between and among members of the Georgia College community. These grants will be made available to individuals or groups who are focused on making the Georgia College community climate conducive to its members.

The goals of the proposed activities are to:

  • Contribute to personal enrichment
  • Help improve the cultural climate at Georgia College
  • Promote an educational experience leading to a better understanding of our campus diversity

Diversity Peer Educators is a student organization which utilizes group facilitation to educate peers on the Georgia College campus about issues of diversity through various workshops and presentations throughout the duration of the school year. The program's intent is to make our campus not only more inclusive, but to also improve our campus climate. 


The mission of Diversity Peer Educators is to improve inclusivity within the Georgia College community through peer education and advocacy on issues of diversity in order to create an environment of learning which celebrates diversity.


The Diversity Peer Educators will strive to promote intellectual, respectful, and safe spaces for open dialogue and communication in an aim to deepen understanding of cultural differences and perspectives within our campus community.

The DPEs facilitating activities and programs on campus.

Interested in becoming a Diversity Peer Educator?

Diversity Peer Educators must have: a 2.5 or higher GPA, a strong sense of diversity, an open-minded attitude, and good presentation skills.

Diversity Peer Educators should be able to: Attend training, weekly meetings, facilitate diversity workshops, games, and activities as requested from our campus community.

MALE Connection is Georgia College’s African-American Male Initiative, supported by the University System of Georgia’s African-American Male Initiative (AAMI) started in 2002. Our program initially began as AIM Academy in 2006, which was a summer camp for high school Black males wishing to gain exposure to everything from college prep information to etiquette workshops. In 2010, the program re-directed its focus to become MALE Connection under the leadership of the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity and several individuals across campus.

MALE Connection, an acronym for Mentoring African-Americans for Leadership, Education & Connection, has now expanded to include over 50 participants, over half of which are Early College and High Achievers students who are mentored by our undergraduate students.

MALE Connection involves partnerships with several community collaborators, including:

  • Early College Program
  • High Achievers
  • 100 Black Men of Milledgville-Oconee

​The support of these organizations and other constituents both on and off campus is vital to ensuring that our program continues to make the desired impact. 

Want to learn more information on how to support or collaborate with MALE Connection? Please contact our office for additional information.